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We Are Running Out (To Charles  Dickens)
Three John Does in One (To Mark Twain)
In What Sort of World… (To Gilbert K. Chesterton)
Beautiful Without All This Nonsense (To Maria Theresa of Austria)
We Are the Amazement of God (To Charles Péguy)
In the Heart of the Mystery (To Trilussa)
If You Govern, Be Prudent (To Saint Bernard, Abbot of Clairvaux)
Noblesse Oblige (To Johann Wolfgang von Goethe)
A Requiescat for Pride (To King David)
In Good Times and Bad (To Penelope)
Revolution for its Own Sake (To Figaro the Barber)
Blunders and the Mohs Scale (To  the Four Members of the Pickwick Club)
When You Get a Crush on Someone (To Pinocchio)
Vacation Fever (To Paulus Diaconus)
The Bells of the Guerillas (To Don Gonzalo Fernandez de Cordova)
“Seven Rules” That Still Hold (To Saint Bernardino of Siena)
On the Ship of God (To Saint Francis de Sales)
Dirty Mouths (To the Bear of Saint Romedio)
The Time of Imposters (To Pavel Ivanovich Chichikov)
King Lemuel and the Ideal Woman (To Lemuel, King of Massa)
Nostalgia for Cleanliness (To Sir Walter Scott)
Four Paintings in the Old Castle (To the Unknown Painter of the Castle)
The Four Temperaments (To Hippocrates)
Joy, Exquisite Charity (To Saint Thérèse de Lisieux)
The Only Aristocracy (To Alessandro Manzoni)
The Music of Reconciliation (To Casella, Musician)
We’re Old; Are We Falling Apart? (To Luigi Cornaro)
From the Times of the “Rialto Hunchback” (To Aldus Manutius)
Was He Also a “Big Gun”? (To Saint Bonaventure)
The Devil’s Most Successful Trick (To Christopher Marlowe)
Forbidden to Forbid (To Saint Luke the Evangelist)
You’d See Some Fine Things (To Guglielmo Marconi)
Other Times, Another School… (To Quintilian)
Words, Words, Words (To Giuseppe Gioacchino Belli)
The Text Exists, But What about the Readers? (To Felix Dupanloup)
Confession Six Hundred Years Afterwards (To Petrarch)
Teresa, a Penny, and God (To Saint Teresa of Avilla)
The  Feminists and the Beard of Saint Wilgefortis (To Carlo Goldoni)
The Call of the Iselberg (To Andreas Hofer)
I Write in Trepidation (To Jesus)